Sunday, November 7, 2010

Statement of Coalition of Burma Ethnics, Malaysia (COBEM) on junta-run election

Statement of Coalition of Burma Ethnics, Malaysia (COBEM)
on junta-run election

We, the Coalition of Burma Ethnics, Malaysia (COBEM), founded in 2007 to respond to the needs of the ethnic refugees from Burma living in Malaysia, are community-based organization representing the different ethnic minorities from Burma. It was formed to organize, assist, empower and protect our respective communities. In recognition that community-based operations in Malaysia would benefit from increased resource sharing and cooperation.
This statement is prepared by executive committee of the COBEM with resources provided by many politicians, ethnic leaders in Malaysia and NGOs. With the cause that Burma refugees are unable to return to their homelands due to political unfairness, religious persecution, racial discrimination, we, COBEM, are motivated to declare this statement from refugee’s point of view as below:
  1. The coming election run by the military junta is based on the constitution drawn in 2008 which in fact is not a federal constitution but a mere union constitution which will never allow the ethnic minorities for self-determination. 
  2. The election law itself is not fair for parties as equal opportunities and rights are dishonored especially for ethnic minorities. With the excuse of security, many polls are barred where the military-based parties are uncertain to win the election.
  3. Human right is greatly violated that all citizens are not allowed to vote.
  4. Time limitation, financial deposition and unfair criteria hinder the community-based parties from a wide array of participation.
Thus, we, coalition of Burma Ethnics, Malaysia (COBEM), are totally against this military well-planned and systematically arranged election. We foresee the increasing civil war between the ruling military junta and ethnic armed-groups after the election. We further have a great concern on the possible increase of Burma refugee population in neighboring countries like in Malaysia.

Executive Committee
Coalition of Burma Ethnics, Malaysia (COBEM)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
6th November, 2010

Sai Kyaw

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